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固原肾虚看那家医院固原治疗慢性非细菌性前列腺炎多少钱固原协和医院 Among those killed Monday when a Taliban suicide bomber attacked a patrol in southern Afghanistan was the first openly gay female U.S. soldier to die in combat.美国一巡逻队星期一在阿富汗南部遭到塔利班自杀炸弹杀手的袭击,阵亡军人中包括第一位公开性倾向的美国同性恋女军人。The Pentagon identified 36-year-old Air Force Major Adrianna Vorderbruggen as one of the six troops killed in the blast.五角大楼说, 36岁的空军少校弗德布拉吉是在爆炸中阵亡的六名军人之一。In 2012, she married her partner Heather Lamb in what was one of the first marriages involving an openly gay service member since President Barack Obama repealed the nearly 20-year-old ;Don#39;t Ask, Don#39;t Tell; policy. That rule kept openly gay people from serving in the U.S. military.2012年,弗德布拉吉与她的同性伴侣拉姆结婚。奥巴马总统废除实行近20年的“不问不说”的政策后,她是最先结婚的美国同性恋军人之一。按照“不问不说”政策的规定,公开性取向的同性恋者不能在美国军队中役。The six deaths bring the number of American soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan this year to 10. Another 10 have been killed in non-combat situations, including multiple helicopter crashes.算上这次阵亡的六个人,今年美军在阿富汗作战行动中的阵亡将士总人数增至10人。另外还有10名驻阿美军属于非战斗死亡,包括几起直升机坠毁。There are still 9,800 U.S. troops in the country as part of a mission to advise and assist Afghan troops. The U.S.-led NATO combat mission in the country ended a year ago after 13 years and 2,349 American deaths, according to Pentagon data.目前仍有9800名美国军人留驻阿富汗,为阿富汗军队提供咨询和帮助。美国领导的北约联军一年前结束了在阿富汗的战斗行动。五角大楼的数据显示,共有2349名美国军人在这场历时13年的战争中死亡。 /201512/417787固原协和男科专科医院泌尿科咨询

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固原非淋球性尿道炎A documentary has exposed how restaurants rank customers according to looks - and place the people they deem to be pleasing to the eye at the front while hiding the less attractive ones at the back.一部纪录片显示,餐厅会对顾客的外表进行排序,把外表养眼的人安排在靠前的座位,而把相貌平平的安排在靠后的座位。Channel 4#39;s new four-part series, Tricks of the Restaurant Trade, sent models into three top London restaurants where they were given #39;golden tables#39; - prominent seats near the front.英国第4频道的四集纪录片《餐厅的诡计》派出一些模特来到三家位于伦敦的顶级餐厅。他们都被安排到了靠前又显眼的“尊享位”。But those considered to be less attractive were relegated to the areas near the kitchen or toilets - or were even simply told there were no tables available.而长相不起眼的人则被安排到靠厨房和厕所的座位,或者直接被告知没有座位。The show is presented by Simon Rimmer, Kate Quilton and actor Adam Pearson, who suffers from neurofibromatosis, which has left his face covered in dozens of non-cancerous tumours.这档节目由西蒙#8226;里默、凯特#8226;奎尔顿和演员亚当#8226;皮尔逊主持。皮尔逊患有多发性神经纤维瘤,这导致他的脸部长有许多良性肿瘤。During the experiment Mr Pearson hired the models and sent them into the restaurants shortly before he and a friend also attempted to get a table.在测试中,皮尔逊请了一些模特到目标餐厅就餐,随后自己也和朋友到这些餐厅找座位。In all three cases the women were given seats in prime locations while the men were either hidden away or refused tables.在测试的三家餐厅中,女性都被安排坐到了最佳位置上,而男性则被安排到不起眼的位置,或是直接被拒绝给座位。Mr Pearson said: #39;It#39;s disappointing. The next time you get sat at the back of the restaurant, now you know why.#39;皮尔逊说:“结果让人堵得慌。下次你再被安排到餐厅靠后的座位,你就知道为什么了。”Two restaurateurs interviewed for the show admitted such discrimination is common practice.节目还采访了两位餐馆老板,两人皆承认这种歧视性做法在业内很常见。TV chef Simon Rimmer, who owns Greens in Manchester and Earle in Cheshire, said: #39;Every restaurant has a golden table where they sit the best looking customers.电视名厨西蒙#8226;里默在曼彻斯特和柴郡开了两家分别名为“绿色”和“厄尔”的餐厅。他说:“每家餐厅都有一张#39;尊享位#39;,留给那些最养眼的顾客。”#39;A restaurant#39;s clientèle give off a certain message about the place.“一家餐厅的顾客会传达出特定的信息。#39;Good looking customers attract more people and make you more cash so you sit them where they can be seen.#39;“长得好看的顾客可以吸引更多的人,让你赚到更多的钱,所以你把他们安排到显眼的位置上。”Neil Gill, who owns London#39;s Season Kitchen, told The Sun: #39;Everybody likes to associate themselves with cool people and good looking people.尼尔#8226;吉尔是伦敦“四季厨房”的老板。他告诉《太阳报》:“大家都喜欢和外形时髦、赏心悦目的人待在一起。#39;You want to feel like you are eating in a restaurant where there are other cool people.#39;“你想要这种感觉:仿佛你正和其他一些时髦的人一起在餐厅吃饭。”Tricks of the Restaurant Trade, which airs on Channel 4 at 8pm on Tuesday, aims to find out how customers can ensure they get the best quality food and reveals some of the techniques that restaurants regularly use.《餐厅的诡计》正于每周二晚8点在第4频道播出。这部纪录片致力于寻找让顾客可以判断食物质量的方法,并揭露了一些餐厅常用的伎俩。 /201601/419940 Five planets will parade across the dawn sky early Wednesday in a rare celestial spectacle set to repeat every morning until late next month.周三凌晨,五颗行星将列队穿过黎明时分的天空。这一罕见天象可能每天都会出现,直到下月底。Headlining the planetary performance are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. It will be the first time in more than a decade that the fab five will be simultaneously visible to the naked eye, according to Jason Kendall, who is on the board of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York.这场行星表演的主角分别是水星、金星、火星、土星和木星。据纽约业余天文爱好者协会(Amateur Astronomers Association of New York)委员贾森·肯德尔(Jason Kendall)称,这将是十多年来,人们首次能用肉眼同时看到五颗行星。Admission is free, though stargazers in the Northern Hemisphere should plan to get up about 45 minutes before sunrise to catch the show. City dwellers can stay in their neighborhoods to watch, as long as they point their attention to the east, according to Mr. Kendall.演出是免费的,但为了能赶上观赏这一奇景,北半球的天文爱好者应该在日出前大约45分钟起床。肯德尔表示,城市居民可以留在自己所在的社区观看,只要把注意力集中在东方就行了。“For Mercury you will need binoculars,” he said. “It will not jump out at you, but everybody should be able to see Venus and Jupiter.”“观看水星的时候需要用双筒望远镜,”他说。“水星不会跳到你面前,但所有人应该都能看到金星和木星。”Mr. Kendall said that the hardest task for viewers will be discerning the planets from stars twinkling in the sky. But he offers a simple trick: close one eye, stretch out your arm and slowly pass your thumb over a bright dot in the sky. If the dot slowly dims out when your thumb passes over it, it’s a planet. If it quickly blinks out, it’s a distant star.肯德尔表示,观看者最难的是分辨出闪烁的恒星和那些行星。不过他给出了一个简单的诀窍:闭上一只眼睛,伸出一条胳膊,让大拇指瞄准空中的一个亮点慢慢移动。拇指经过时,亮点如果慢慢变暗便是行星,如果转瞬消失便是远方的恒星。The show is expected to run from Jan. 20 until Feb. 20, but the peak time to see all five is from the end of January until the first week of February, when Mercury is at its highest points, according to Sky amp; Telescope. The display is made possible by the uncommon alignment of all five planets along what is called the “ecliptic” plane of their orbits according to Jim Green, the planetary science division director at NASA.表演预计将从1月20日持续到2月20日,但同时看到五颗行星的最佳时间是从1月末到2月的第一周。据《天空和望远镜》(Sky amp; Telescope)杂志称,这期间水星处于最高点。NASA行星科学部门负责人吉姆·格林(Jim Green)称,这一现象之所以成为可能,是因为五颗行星罕见地沿其轨道的“黄道”面排列成了一条线。Each planet will appear in the sky one by one, starting Tuesday evening with Jupiter around 9:20 p.m. in New York. Mars will follow the gas giant’s solo debut, appearing as a reddish dot at approximately 1:11 a.m. E.S.T. Wednesday. Saturn enters next around 4:00 a.m., followed by Venus — the brightest orb — nearly an hour later. Mercury will join the ensemble last, taking the stage at around 6:17 a.m. It will last until the sun rises, at about 7:15 a.m. on Wednesday in New York, and makes it too bright to see the planets. The display will appear in the sky at similar times across the East Coast and before dawn across the northern Hemisphere.从周二晚上开始,几大行星将一个接一个地出现在纽约的上空。木星将在晚上9点20分左右,最先单独出现在空中。继木星这颗气态巨行星之后,火星将在东部夏令时间周三凌晨1点11分左右出现。人们看到的火星将是一个略带红色的圆点。接下来,土星将在凌晨4点左右上场。再过近一个小时后,最亮的星球金星将登场。最后加入的水星将在早上6点17分左右上台。这一景象将持续到日出,即纽约的周三早上7点15分左右。太阳升起后,因为光线太亮,人们便看不到这些行星了。此情此景将在差不多的时间出现在整个东海岸上空,并在黎明前出现在整个北半球的上空。“It’s not super often you get to see them all at the same time in the sky, it’s like seeing all of your friends at once,” said Jackie Faherty, an astronomer from the American Museum of Natural History. “There they are, the other rocks or balls of gas that are running around the sun.”“同时在空中看到这五颗行星的机会不是特别常见,就像同时见到所有的朋友,”美国自然历史物馆(American Museum of Natural History)的天文学专家杰基·法赫蒂(Jackie Faherty)说。“现在他们来了——其他那些围绕着太阳旋转的岩石或气团。”Those who miss the planetary alignment this time around will have another opportunity from Aug. 13 to 19, when the cosmic motley crew gives an encore performance, according to EarthSky.org. That show will take place in the dusk sky, giving stargazers in the Southern Hemisphere the best vantage points.错过这一次行星排成一线景象的人,在8月13日到19日期间还有机会。据EarthSky.org称,在那期间,这些天体会再次奉上同样的演出。届时,舞台将是黄昏时分的天空,南半球的天文爱好者将享有最佳视角。 /201601/424052固原包皮手术花多少钱固原包皮包茎环切费用




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