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I think heats gonna be a big issue for everyone working on this face today.高温是困扰这我们的最大问题You know, its gonna be hot,hot as you like on there.会非常炎热 在那里会非常炎热You know, any issues, feeling weird,you know, water. You know, you can dehydrate so fast in these sort of climes,任何问题 奇怪的感觉 还有缺水 在这种气候下脱水很快so we just look out for each other there.所以我们都互相堤防When its at its highest and most intense,the sun is a brutal enemy.当正午太阳升到天顶 它无疑成了残酷的敌人Really, the heat out here is just relentless,说真的 这里的高温 太残酷了and weve just had to evacuate another of the crew with heatstroke.又有一位中暑的组员 需要疏散;Sahara; was an interesting one. We did have crew members dropping like flies out there.We had serious exposure to the heat.撒哈拉是个有趣的地方 很多组员都像只无头苍蝇 我们被暴晒And we werent getting any shade throughout the days.And your body can only take so much.白天里没有任何阴凉处 你的身体无法承受过度暴晒It was so hot.So, I watched the sound man, I was watching,the cameraman, thinking whos going to be the next.太热了 我看着音响技师 我看着摄影师 心里想着谁可能会下一个倒下It comes home to you, when youre evacuating people,当你疏散病人时 你就会明白how dangerous sometimes these scenarios are and how dangerous the weather can be.这种场景 这种气候会有多么危险Whether its dealing with the climate or the creatures,surviving in the wild is tough,无论是与气候 还是和生物打交道 在荒野中生存都是困难重重and extreme environments call for extreme techniques.极端的环境需要极端的技能Im not expecting this to be particularly pleasant.我没指望这会是次 特别愉快的旅行201611/475705TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/478372Well enter by the river,take them by force if necessary.我们将通过河流进去 需要的话 用武力制Remember your training, follow orders.记住你们接受的训练 从命令If they start shooting well hit them back hard.如果他们开始射击 我们会猛烈还击There is no place for cowardice.我们没有任何畏怯的余地The Pinkertons were mercenaries.平克顿是一帮雇佣兵They were from out of town.他们从城外来They had no ties to Pittsburgh,no ties to these workers.同匹兹堡没有关系 同这些工人也无关They were paid a wage to wield their clubs.他们只是收人钱财 替人使用武力The moment Frick made the decision to bring in Pinkertons,the die was cast and the only way this strike was going to end was in tragedy.弗里克雇佣平克顿的那一刻起 死伤就已注定 罢工肯定会以悲剧收场FIRE!开火2,000 men barricade themselves inside the Homestead plant.两千人在霍姆斯泰德工厂里筑起路障Causing steel production to grind to a hault.让钢铁生产无法进行Carnegie Steels chairman, Henry Frick,is in no mood to negotiate.卡内基钢铁公司的主席亨利?弗里克没有任何妥协的意思Under pressure to quell the revolt,Frick brings in the Pintertons.为了平息反抗 弗里克招募了平克顿A mercenary army capable of outgunning the U.S. Military.一个武器多于美国军队的雇佣军And their presence threatens to be the spark that light the powder keg.他们的出现将点燃冲突的导火索Frick thought to himself when the workers see the Pinkertons,when they see that Im not going to back down they will back down.弗里克认为工人们看到平克顿后 看到他不会妥协后 他们自己就会妥协He thought a show of strength,a show of resolve, was all that was needed.他认为展示武力 展示决心 就足够解决问题了And that would be the end.只需要这样事情就能了结He badly miscalculated.他显然犯了重大错误201605/442270

The hat went back on, always a very bad sign.他戴上帽子 这总是个不祥的信号Cromwell marched up and down the chamber now shouting that the Lord had done with them克伦威尔在议会中来回踱步 呵斥着主已对他们失望透顶and had chosen instruments more worthy of their calling.并选择了更值得召唤的仆从Some poor soul tried to stop him in full spate,有些可怜人试图阻止他滔滔的言语but Cromwell was in exterminating angel mode and brushed him aside contemptuously.但克伦威尔已经暴跳如雷 完全不理会他人的阻拦;You are no parliament!; He bellowed,;I say, you are no parliament!;你们根本就不配叫议会 他大吼道 我说 你们就不配叫议会With that, he called in the musketeers.边说着 他把火兵叫进来The boots entered heavily, noisily.Parliament was shut down.沉重且嘈杂的脚步声逼近 议会被关闭了This was a depressingly modern moment,a classic coup detat, in fact.这是近代史上令人惋惜的一刻 是一场典型的武装政变At this point, cromwell crossed the line from bullying to outright dictatorship.至此克伦威尔从拥兵自重 迈入绝对的独裁时期In so doing, he undid at a stroke,the entire point of the war he himself had fought由此一举 他彻底背叛了 自己当年亲赴沙场征战的初衷against the kings unparliamentary conduct.即结束国王的专制统治Cromwell liked to claim he was striking a blow against ;Ambition; and ;Avarice;,克伦威尔想要声明 他会坚决打击;野心;和;贪欲;but what he really wounded, and fatally,was the Commonwealth itself.但真正被他严重伤害的 却是全体人民 /201704/502812

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457830For the past five million years,在过去的500万年中Arizonas Colorado River has eaten away at the desert sandstone to create a gigantic canyon.亚利桑那州的科罗拉多河冲走了大量沙石,形成一个巨大深邃的峡谷Its over a mile deep and at its widest, its 1 7 miles across.它的深度超过1英里,最宽的地方达17英里The Grand Canyon. This river has cut the worlds longest canyon system,这就是大峡谷。这条河冲蚀出了世界上最长的峡谷系a 1 ,000 mile scar clearly visible from space.在太空中也能清楚地看到这条长达1000英里的沟壑As rivers leave the mountains behind, they gradually warm and begin to support more life.河流离开山区之后,河水渐渐变暖,养育的动物也多了起来。Indian rivers are home to the worlds most social otter.印度河里住着世界上最具社会性的水獭Smooth-coated otters form family groups up to 1 7 strong.印度水獭的一个家族可多达17名成员Group rubbing not only refreshes their coats, but strengthens social bonds.集体“”不仅能清洁它们的皮毛,也能增强群体内部团结When it comes to fishing, there is real strength in numbers.当它们去时,群体合作能保它们屡战屡胜。201705/509284原味人文风情:How to Create a Candy Thanksgiving如何打造一个糖果感恩节We gotta have a turkey for the centerpiece, and I know we have one. I dont think weve ever used it. Heres our fake-our fake fruit box. Yes! Ive forgotten about this thing. My idea is to turn this into a gummy turkey. Im gonna send it off to all the guys that make our giant gummy bears and gummy worms...see if we can turn this into a gummy turkey.我们一定要有只火鸡当餐桌中央的装饰品,我知道我们有一只。我不认为我们有用过它。这是我们的假--我们的假水果盒。好耶!我都忘记这玩意了。我的想法是把这变成一只软糖火鸡。我要把它寄给帮我们做超大小熊软糖和巨虫软糖的那些人...看看我们能不能把这变一只软糖火鸡。Im making a sweet potato casserole with Just Cereal Marshmallows.我正在用棉花糖谷片做地瓜砂锅。Thats some tasty-looking green jelly bean casserole. This is the VAT19 Thanksgiving stuffing. Three-quarters of a jar of Brownie Crisps, Cupcake Cookies, and regular Nams Bits-the chocolate chip ones-all mixed in with some caramel.那是一些看起来很好吃的软糖青豆砂锅。这是 VAT19 版的感恩节馅料。四分之三罐的布朗尼脆饼、杯子蛋糕饼干,还有普通的 Nams Bits 饼干--巧克力碎片口味--全用一些焦糖拌在一块。The sweets are prepared. The table is set. So lets bring in the VAT19 family and begin the feast.甜食准备好了。餐桌摆好了。那我们请 VAT19 家族进来,然后让宴会开始吧。Gummy Turkey: 25,625 calories软糖火鸡:25,625 卡Green Jelly Bean Casserole: 3,055 calories软糖青豆砂锅:3,055 卡Nams Bits Stuffing: 4,470 caloriesNams Bit 馅料:4,470 卡Cereal Marshmallow Casserole: 2,959 calories棉花糖谷片砂锅:2,959 卡Gravy Bubbles: 80 calories肉汁泡泡:80 卡Corn on the Cobsicle: 35 calories玉米棒冰:35 卡Gummy Cranberry ;Sauce;: 2,000 calories软糖蔓越莓「酱」:2,000 卡I heard that the Native Americans actually introduced gummy to the Pilgrims in the first Thanksgiving.我听说美国原住民其实在第一个感恩节时把软糖介绍给清教徒。That sounds wrong.那听起来不太对。Whiskey Pecans: 1,440 calories威士忌核桃:1,440 卡Pumpkin Pie Soda: 170 calories南瓜派汽水:170 卡Pumpkin Pie Lollipops: 540 calories南瓜派棒棒糖:540 卡Cheers!干杯!Should we go around the table and talk about what were thankful for?我们要不要整桌轮流然后说说我们感谢什么?Yeah.好啊。VAT19.comVAT19.comCheck out the featured products in this .看看这影片中的特色产品。If you wanna see us pig out on spice, check out this . And if you want a little more gummy, check out this one. And subscribe to VAT19 and share this with your friends and family. It is Thanksgiving after all.如果你想看我们大口吃辛香料,瞧瞧这部影片。如果你想要多一点软糖,看看这部。订阅 VAT19 频道然后和亲朋好友分享这部影片。毕竟这是感恩节。201702/490832

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/470046Danny: Umm.. when did we get a farmers market?丹尼·格林:昂...我们什么时候开了一个农贸市场?Manu: Its a fun way to show off fruits and veggies from our home countries.马努·吉诺比利:这是一个展示我们祖国水果和蔬菜的有趣的方式。Pau: Like delicious Taylor Golden pairs from Spain保罗·加索尔:比如美味的西班牙金梨。LaMarcus: Or beautiful corn from Hondo Texas.拉马库斯·阿尔德里奇:我这有美如画的德州特产玉米。Kawhi: I have California plumcot - they breed plums with apricots.科怀·伦纳德:我这儿有加州李杏,红杏出墙勾搭李子的产物。Danny: Only in California, am I right? Whats that?丹尼·格林:也就只有加州人好这口,我说的没错吧?这是什么?Tony: Gateaux Napoleon avec fraises de Poteet!托尼·帕克:拿破仑蛋糕与草莓波蒂特!Danny: Excuse me?丹尼·格林:什么东西?Kawhi: Oh, thats Poteet strawberry shortcake.科怀·伦纳德:哦,就是草莓起酥蛋糕。Tony: Thats not what I said?托尼·帕克:我说的不是这个意思。H-E-B. Fresh produce from Texas and around the world.HEB. 德州新鲜果蔬批发,还有来自全球的产品。201705/508173Look, he wanted to say,Just stop worrying about the dead king.Youre the sovereign now.他想呐喊 听着 别再顾虑死去的国王 今日你们已是统治者Come to think of it, youve always been the sovereign.细想一下 你们一直是真正的统治者Kings have been yours to hire or fire.水能载舟 亦能覆舟But when Cromwell and Milton told the people that it was time for them to govern themselves,但当克伦威尔和弥尔顿向人民宣告 民主的时代已经到来时they didnt, of course, mean to be taken literally.他们当然不希望事实真的如此What? Every jumped-up weaver or ploughman with some sixpenny book-learning什么 那些自大的纺织工或庄稼汉 肚子里只有少得可怜的墨水are now thinking just appointing himself the magistrate of Mucking-on-the-Wold, granting himself the vote?都以为自己是世界的主宰者 拥有选举权的人士吗Heaven forbid! That way lay chaos.这样天理难容 只会使世界大乱No, the people should put the government to the state into the hands of the kind of men God saw fittest to exercise it 不 人们应当将政府 交予上帝认为最适合的人选来管理incorruptible men of substance and piety.交给在物质与信仰上都洁身自好的人Oh, I see,said free-born John Lilburne, the Leveller,明白了 信奉生而自由的平等主义者约翰·李尔本说an ex-army officer who wanted to level the distance between the mighty and the humble, the rich and the poor.这位前任军官主张无论贵贱 无论贫富 众生平等You mean, the same kind of people who got us into this mess in the first place.你是说 交给最初 挑起这场纷争的那些人Weve all known a John Lilburne heavyweight,some of us have even been John Lilburne.我们都熟悉约翰·李尔本这样的大人物 我们中有些人 甚至正是这样的人物First at the barricades, first to be arrested, wont shut up!他们身先士卒 囹圄之中仍不弃口诛笔伐But love him or hate him,you know he wont go away.但爱他也好 恨他也罢 你也知道 他不会动摇 /201704/501733

Just get a branch like this.就拿这样一个树枝Then into these gaps,Im just gonna push a lot of these birch-bark shavings.然后在这缺口里 塞进一些桦树皮屑But Im not gonna light this unless I really need to.但不到万不得已 我不会点燃它A least with this,I know I can instantly have a flaming torch in my hand.有了这个的话 我就能确保自己手上随时都有火炬了I just heard a noise out there.我听到点声响You know, Im not gonna take any chance with this.Im just gonna get this torch flaming.跟你说 我不会抱侥幸心理的 我要把这火炬点燃There you go. Hear that?就是这个 听见了吗I was once shown by a woodsman how to get a response from wolves.一个樵夫曾经教过我 如何与狼产生共鸣And if I can at least hear a response,then at least I know what Im dealing with.如果我能得到回应的话 我就知道我要对付的是什么了Okay. Hear that?That,that sounds a very long way away, there.听见了吗 这声音是从很远处传来的There you go. Hear that?Gonna try and get some sleep.又来了 听见了吗 我得试着睡会儿觉Try and slow the heart rate back down again.让砰砰乱跳的心平静一会The morning light signals the end to what has been a long, restless night.晨曦预示着 这个不安宁的长夜的结束The shelter worked well, that fire.大本营的作用发挥得不错 那火也是To be honest, though,the weak link last night was in my mind.但是说实话 昨晚那微弱的共鸣一直在我脑海徘徊You know, I really found it hard just to get back to sleep after hearing those noises.在听到那种声响以后 我真的很难入睡The fire gave me a sense of security,and Ive spotted something that means I can start another one at a moments notice.Tinder fungus!火给了我安全的感觉 我偶然一瞥 发现了让我能够再次生火的宝贝 火焰菌201704/506844Insects seem irresistibly drawn towards the source and then get trapped by the sticky lines.昆虫总是禁不住光源的诱惑,结果就被这些粘乎乎的丝拿住了Once stuck, there is no escape.一旦被粘住,根本没有脱逃的机会。Now its just a matter of reeling in the line and slowly consuming the catch alive.现在,它只需收起丝线,然后慢慢吃掉尚且活着的猎物。By ensnaring the insects that hatch in this cave,通过诱捕洞穴内羽化的昆虫these glow-worms have solved the biggest challenge这些萤火虫成功地解决了终生穴居动物面临的最大难题that permanent cave-dwellers face, finding a regular and reliable source of food.即找到长期而可靠的食物资源One kind of rock makes this whole underground world possible, limestone.这些地底世界之所以会存在,都是因为一种岩石,石灰岩。Most of the worlds caves are found within it and it covers nearly 10% of the Earths surface.世界上大部分洞穴内都存在石灰岩,它覆盖了地球表面将近10%的面积。Limestone is composed of minerals derived from marine shells and corals.石灰岩由海螺和珊瑚中的矿物沉积后形成So although this rocky escarpment in the ed States所以,尽管美国境内的这座石壁,is now hundreds of metres above sea level, it was actually formed underwater.如今矗立在海平面以上几百米高的地方,它实际上却是在水下形成的。201706/515887

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